Bantabaa Lunch Boxes

 The Bantabaa Soups - made by the Bantabaa Food Dealers, the refugee project from Kreuzberg


Lots to do and no time for a lunch break? Still in the office in the evening  and the hunger beats? Who does not know that. The Bantabaa Soups help!

We supply a selection of delicious soups and stews in lunch boxes to your workplace. The soups are preserved in glasses and can be heated in the microwave and immediately eaten. When the box is empty, we exchange it. Every employee can help him- or herself at any time - they just throw the money into a provided box.


Our soups are seasonally prepared, with fresh organic vegetables from the region - a delicious specialty for every season!


Your soup was made by Aladin.

Aladin comes from the Gambia and is one of the Bantabaa Food Dealers.

Who are the Bantabaa Food Dealer?


The food dealers are refugees from West Africa, who have often come to Germany via Italy with the hope of leaving persecution, hunger and distress in their home countries. Europe, however, lets a lot of them down: complicated laws make learning and working impossible, so that they live here without perspective, outside of society. The Bantabaa Community in Berlin Kreuzberg wants to give these refugees a perspective.


Bantabaa is Mandinka, a West African language and means meeting place. The Bantabaa community project began in 2015 as a meeting point for refugees around the Görlitzer Park in Berlin Kreuzberg and is today an integration project, focusing on education and jobs in the catering industry. The Bantabaa Community has emerged from the neighborhood. Local residents wanted to help those who had fled where Europe was failing - typical Kreuzberg.


An important part of the association is the Bantabaa Academy. With this qualification program, Bantabaa teaches basic skills in catering to prepare participants - the Bantabaa Food Dealer - for an internship, training or employment. The Academy also includes language, alphatbeting and integration courses. Refugees without shelter can find a new home in residential communities. Legal advice helps with the authorities.


A social enterprise, Bantabaa Kitchen, was created alongside the non-profit business. With a catering company and a soup shop, we create work and training places for the Bantabaa Food Dealer in the kitchen and in the service.


Aladin has been attending the Academy for 2 years and has prepared the soup. If you liked it, come to our

Bantabaa Suppenbistro at Wrangelstraße 82 in Kreuzberg

and enjoy our wide selection of soup, salads, cakes and other delicacies, prepared by the Bantabaa Food Dealers.


Bantabaa e.V.

Falckensteinstr. 17

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Sitz des Vereins: Berlin 

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Nr. VR 34348 B


Luisa  Busemann

Brigitta Varadinek 

Tessa Ludolph



Bantabaa e.V. 

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Die bantabaa Projekte: bantabaa Academy, Community Dinner, Deutschkurse, Mathekurse sowie die Rechtsberatung werden  gefördert durch die Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen. Zweck der Förderung durch das Projekt „Freiwilliges Engagement In Nachbarschaften (FEIN)“ ist die Unterstützung von Aktivitäten und Initiativen von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern zur Verbesserung der öffentlichen Infrastruktur und zur Stärkung des Gemeinwesens.