Who we are


The association Bantabaa Community was founded in Berlin in 2015. Bantabaa means meeting point in the West African language Mandinka. We are working for the holistic support and integration of refugees, meet them, listen to their stories and help them to take their future into their own hands.


Our Vision

We believe in a society that can offer a perspective to people beyond rejection and poverty. We want to break down barriers and create understanding - for living together harmoniously in the neighborhood.


Our Mission

We have the mission to enable refugees to live a dignified life, to dismantle prejudices and barriers between society and refugees and to create career prospects in order to promote sustainable integration into our society.


Our Approach

We are committed to the holistic support and integration of refugees. This includes language and integration courses, legal counseling, medical care, providing assistance with housing and government offices, as well as assisting with the return to home countries.






Annika Varadinek